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Many believers harbor the notion that once they become saved and accept Jesus into their hearts and lives, their lives will become perfect. Many believers have not had the opportunity to cultivate a deeper understanding of the scriptures as they pertain to spiritual warfare. “The spiritual fight is real, and the walk of a Christian is not an easy one,” says author Kenneth Holder. In “Spiritual Warfare and Discipleship Training,” Holder educates readers with Biblical tools to be effective on the field of battle.
Holder emphasizes that spiritual warfare is all around and the fight rages on whether it is accepted or not. “Spiritual Warfare and Discipleship Training” takes readers through discipleship and equips them for the fight. Throughout the book, Holder discusses topics such as the benefits of deliverance, how prayer is a mighty weapon, keeping the temple clean to demon manifestation and everything in between.
Holder currently travels throughout the country hosting spiritual warfare conferences with Ignite the Fire Ministries. “Spiritual Warfare and Discipleship Training” is based on Holder’s teachings and ties in scripture and testimony to guide and engage believers on their walk of Christianity.
“The inspiration behind the book was through a call to wake up the church,” said Holder. “It began through smaller teachings and pulling scripture together so that it would be understandable for readers. A lot of people have an understanding of the Bible, but not so much spiritual warfare.”
Ultimately, with his Biblically centered book, Holder helps believers understand how important and valuable they are to the kingdom of God and prepares them to be ready to serve the father with greatness.
“Spiritual Warfare and Discipleship Training”
By Kenneth Holder
ISBN: 9781664238336 (softcover); 9781664238350 (hardcover); 9781664238343 (electronic)
Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and WestBow Press
About the author
Kenneth Holder is an author and evangelist. He earned a bachelor’s degree in theology from Texas University of Theology and has been in the deliverance ministry for over 15 years. He and his wife, Christina, have five children and currently reside in Seguin, Texas. To learn more, please visit him online at http://www.itfministries.org.
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