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Many people don’t believe the devil exists; Fr. Spitzer’s new book puts those doubts to rest
SAN FRANCISCO — During Pope Francis’ pontificate, exorcism requests have increased, yet according to the Pope Leo XIII Institute in Illinois, the premier Catholic entity in this country that teaches about exorcisms, many people, even Catholics, don’t believe in the devil or his destructive influence upon them. Father Robert Spitzer leaves no doubt about the existence of the devil in the world today and the very real cases of demonic possession in his new book, CHRIST VERSUS SATAN IN OUR DAILY LIVES: THE COSMIC STRUGGLE BETWEEN GOOD AND EVIL.
Spitzer, S.J., Ph.D. is the former president of Gonzaga University and the founder of the Magis Center, which educates the public about the intersection of science, reason and faith. He is the chief education officer of the Ethics and Performance Institute, which delivers Web-based ethics education to corporations and individuals. He is the author of Healing the Culture, Five Pillars of the Spiritual Life, and Ten Universal Principles.
CHRIST VERSUS SATAN IN OUR DAILY LIVES explores the reality of the devil, including extraordinary manifestations of diabolic activity, such as possession. Father Spitzer recalls the true story of the famous possession case on which the novel and film The Exorcist was based and reveals many disturbing details that never made it into the movie.
Father Spitzer’s new work doesn’t leave readers without ways to combat evil directly after explaining the tactics the devil uses to get a firm grip on an individual’s daily life through the seven deadly sins. CHRIST VERSUS SATAN IN OUR DAILY LIVES helps readers to understand how to experience God’s peace even during suffering and how to overcome the diabolical tactics of present evil.
“Fr. Spitzer has successfully delivered a short course on spiritual warfare in a very compelling and readable way,” said Father Gary Thomas, Diocese of San Jose, CA, subject of The Rite: The Making of Modern Exorcist. “It confirms much of what I’ve learned as a diocesan exorcist, but created a greater understanding of how personified evil disguised as a condition/affliction can gain a foothold in our societal and personal psyche. CHRIST VS. SATAN IN OUR DAILY LIVES is a resource for evangelization to understand why a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and living a life of virtue matters!”
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