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A new year can mean change. It can be a time to reflect on the past, but more importantly to focus on what you want in the future. Knowing what we want and putting it out into the universe so that we can manifest abundance in our lives lies at the heart of the teachings of Master Sri Akarshana.
Often referred to as the Yogi with a Lamborghini, Master Sri Akarshana is an international speaker renowned for his teaching on the Law of attraction and spirituality. He believes in the power of manifesting abundance in our lives by focusing on our mind, body, soul and wealth. He does this through his teachings on his YouTube channel, which has amassed an incredible 1.57-million subscribers. He is also the founder of I Am Creator, a company that brings together people from around the world into a space to achieve their best life, to awaken their spirituality, and to allow them to find their true path.
Listening to Master Sri Akarshana, you immediately get a sense of his passion for what he teaches, as well as the depth of wisdom he draws on. We asked him how to best embrace 2022 and walk onto the path of spiritual awakening. He explains how the end of 2021 and the start of 2022 opened up an opportunity portal for change. It is the close of an old chapter and a time to clear new space for manifestations to come your way.
We recently stepped into 2022. What is your advice to be more present and awakened in the year ahead?
“Be open for abundance yet attached to none. Within this, you will find liberation.
The question we need to ask is do you have the courage to detach from what is to allow for what is to be? You need to say ‘I am ready!’ and put it out into the universe.”
How do you know you are going through a spiritual awakening?
“A spiritual awakening is when you are levelling up and in alignment and congruence with the new version of you. Whenever you are going through an awakening, you are transitioning into a new birth of you. You will find a lot of limiting beliefs, doubts and problems begin to arise. Stay calm and stay solution-focused. 
It is when you are shedding the layers and remembering who you truly are, and that is why a lot of things happen at an extremely fast pace. So if you realize that you’ve taken a complete 180-degree turn and come to many realizations in your life, it is highly likely that you are going through a spiritual awakening.”
What wisdom do you have for us to manifest powerful things into our lives in 2022?
“Get rid of things that no longer serve you and set new intentions for yourself for the year ahead. Start working on cleansing and getting rid of the old things in your life. This may even mean decluttering your wardrobe. Let go of old energies. Our energies must not be consumed with the past, but focus on forward thinking. We need to focus on new things for new manifestations to happen.”
Master Sri Akarshana emphasizes how important it is that you are clear in your intentions for 2022. You must have a clear, concise mental picture of what you want. “Clarity is power,” he says. Write out your intentions and the new manifestations you want for the year ahead. 
What should we focus on in our spiritual awakening in the year ahead?
“While you are scripting and writing down your intentions, remember the four pillars,” he says. 
“The first is your health pillar. What do you want for your wellbeing in the year ahead? 
The second is scripting for your wealth. What are you manifesting to create financial freedom in that space? 
The next is relationships. How are your relationships going to pan out for you? Write about them as if they have happened already. 
The final thing is impact and contribution. Our highest need is to be a person who contributes. What are you going to do to bring light and positivity to the world?”
Each day brings a new opportunity to be more alive and awakened in our world. Master Sri Akarshana shares practical ways to do this on his vlog every day. You can also follow him on Instagram and Facebook.  
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