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Milan's New Creative Vanguard Thinks Out Loud in Marcelo Burlon – Interview

Recently, Marcelo Burlon unveiled its Spring/Summer 2022 collection—a kaleidoscopic offering of ’90s club culture- inspired graphics, bright geometric prints, and sleek athletic materials designed with everything from the wilderness to the festival ground in mind. The collection draws on the brand’s Argentinian-Italian legacy, blending Patagonian wanderlust and raucous Italian flair to create an ethos of surrealist psychedelia. To celebrate, the brand enlisted the services of Milan’s new creative vanguard—a constellation of budding artists, musicians, DJs, and actors—to bring the collection to life. Below, 10 young creatives think out loud in Marcelo Burlon.

Test, test, County of Milan. There’s a pink elephant staring at me.”

I am obsessed with snakes. My biggest dream would be to live in a house full of snakes, even if it’s a bit dangerous, but it makes me so excited.”
Sounds make a man free.”

I wish I was on a beach, on the Pacific, without shoes. The sand is not so hot, there is a beautiful sunset. I think of my sister, Sofia, the light of my eyes.

Every night when we go to sleep a dream begins. Every morning we wake up and another dream begins.”

“At least 9 million people were born on the same day as you.”

I would like very much for people to realize that behind a person there is always a very important baggage of insecurities, that what is seen from the outside is not always definitive and that all of us in some way, for one reason or another, are going through an intense process that brings with it traumas and unresolved things. It’s important to realize that everyone is fighting a battle in some way.”

Well, did you know that all roads lead to Milan?”

I don’t think anyone knows that the lighter was invented before matches.”

“One thing people don’t know is that everything would be better if there wasn’t so much competition and if no one felt better than anyone else and we shared more love and support.”
A very intense spiritual awakening is happening on a planetary level and we are the new generation that is realizing that we are much more than just bodies. We also have a soul and this soul is fluid, in fact the Queer movement is resonating in all of us, each and every one of us. One of the things that you don’t know is that actually young people are ready for the new world. So let’s build it.”


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