Sanam Chaudhry's Spiritual Awakening also shows why she had to leave the entertainment profession. – NEXT TV

Sanam Chaudhry, a former actress and model, discusses her reasons for leaving the entertainment world. The Bhool actress also opens up about her own personal spiritual path, which she credits with bringing her closer to Allah and bringing her inner serenity.
Among Pakistani actors, Sanam Chaudhry is one of the most famous and brilliant. Fans are familiar with her work from shows such as Aasmanon Pay Likha, Ghar Titli Ka Par, and others in the world of television drama. When the 30-year-old decided to put her career on hold, she did so to concentrate on her marriage and religious beliefs, despite her success in the profession.
Sanam Chaudhry, a former Bollywood actress, recently spoke out about her spiritual journey in an interview. We now have an answer to the question of why the actress decided to leave the profession so suddenly.
Throughout her acting career, Bhool’s star found herself growing more and further away from Allah. Sanam said she was unable to relax at that moment in her life.
While she’s seen and done a lot in her acting career, she felt like she was in a race with herself. “There was always something lacking,” she said. “Then I realized that even though Allah was always around, I was only relying on Him.”
Sanam experienced a lightbulb moment when reading Surah Baqarah because one of the lines resonated with her.
It was when she repeated the verse, “Woh muslimaan tou hain, but momin nahi [despite being Muslims, they are not believers], that I focused on why I don’t follow the principles of Islam,” that she realized why she doesn’t believe in the religion.
People, Sanam Chaudhry admits, are hypocrites when it comes to their beliefs. People, according to the former Muslim movie star, just pray or recite the Quran for the purpose of doing so, not because they really believe in Islam’s teachings. Sanam says that acknowledging this flaw in herself has helped her feel closer to God, and that this has made her feel better. The whole interview may be found here.


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