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Mikayla Vo, Intuitive Healer and Founder of Enlightened Healing Hands joined us in the studio to share about her inspirational journey and to discuss intuitive healing and spiritual awakening.  
She wanted to share about her spiritual awakening and how her healing journey has helped her heal from many years of domestic violence and abuse. Causing lots of PTSD, emotional and physical traumas. She suffered severe chronic migraines and was on heavy-duty prescription drugs.
When she started her awakening journey, she was very confused. There were a lot of Chaos in her life from ending one toxic relationship to another. She had been in the deepest and darkest corner of her life full of physical and emotional traumas and pains. 
Mikayla’s doctor prescribed all types of antidepressants, sleeping pills, and pain medications for her chronic migraines and constant body ailments. She thought to herself, “do I have to live life like this for the rest of time?” She prayed for a solution and the universe answered. She was shown an awakening path and that she had the power to heal. It hasn’t been an easy journey the past 10 years, but it was all worth it. Today, she is completely free from all pharmaceutical drugs and living the life she once thought was impossible and that she did not deserve. 
After almost 10 years of her healing journey, she has been trained in many different healing modalities and has worked with plant medicines as an ally. Plant medicine has saved her life and allowed her to do powerful healing work.
As an Intuitive Healer, she can assist you in releasing and healing physical and emotional traumas. She is a certified Reiki Master and teacher, Celtic Shaman, Certified Sound Healing Practioner, Plant Medicine Facilitator, ceremonialist, spiritual guide, and coach.
What is spiritual awakening?
Spiritual awakening is an awakening of a dimension of reality beyond the confines of the ego. The ego is our exclusive sense of self or “I”. Awakening occurs when the ego somehow let’s go so that a higher self or spirit can arise within. Spiritual awakening is the process of returning to the original self, but the experience of rising to a higher state of consciousness which is what makes us truly human
Signs of Spiritual Awakening:
-Life with Amplified Chaos.
-You start to feel disconnected or detached. Everything will start to feel overwhelming and confusing. All relationships will be challenged and people will start to disconnect from you. Your emotions will be high and sometimes you can feel physical illness.
-Your relationships will begin to shift.
-Spiritual Awakenings are transformative, and the people in your life won’t always be able to appreciate that. You will feel like your loved ones don’t understand you anymore because you’re changing. Be sure to ask your loved ones to respect what you’re going through, reminding them that they do not have to resonate with you at this time.
-You experience more synchronicities and vivid dreams:
-You will start to frequently experience synchronicities and deja vu moments. Your dreams will start to become more vivid and clear how they connect to your journey.
-You become more intuitive and increase empathy.
-Your newly heightened intuition or new intuitive abilities starts showing up where it had been buried beneath the layers of your ego self. You start to feel more in tune with yourself and others around you. You begin to find your new tribe and want to be of service to others. You realize everyone is on their path.
-Your senses are heightened and you may experience some physical symptoms at times. Sudden changes in your routines or habits. You may feel alone at times but feel more connected to the natural world.
What is Intuitive Healing and how does it work?
Intuitive healing is when practitioners use their gifts to work with the body’s natural energetic field. The practitioner will utilize visualization and intuition to work with the life force energy to locate, shift or remove any imbalances in the body’s energetic system. The client is then able to work on releasing the energy that is stuck in the body causing stress, pain, or anxiety. Intuitive energy healing reinforces the body’s natural ability to heal.
Mikayla invites you all to step into your Spiritual Awakening Journey and live your life in harmony, peace, happiness, and purpose. She says, “Please feel free to reach out with any questions. Let us all heal together as a community and collective.”
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For anyone interested in Healing with plant medicines. Please check out some testimonial videos on her Instagram.
Find Mikayla online, and IG
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