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After many months of long nights, a new day is upon us.
In the Northern Hemisphere, we have experienced quite a frigid winter. However, a new season has arrived, bringing longer days and the bloom of spring. Learn what it means for you!
Seasons of the year affect our lives significantly. Whether it’s the frigid cold of winter or the vibrant heat of summer, we as human beings are at the mercy of the Earth’s elements. The transitions between seasons are especially notable for us as they signal a turning point in our year. These moments are called equinoxes and solstices.
Spring and autumn arrive upon an equinox, whereas summer and winter begin upon a solstice. Solstices always signal the longest or shortest days of the year. Equinoxes, however, are important because they reveal when day and night are equal. Originating from Latin, equinox essentially means “equal night.”
Astronomers note that an equinox takes place at the moment the Earth’s equator is on the same plane of the Sun’s equator. Another name for an equinox is a “vernal equinox.”
The Spring Equinox officially announces the arrival of the spring season. In the Northern Hemisphere, this reveals that the days will be getting longer as the nights become shorter. This transition continues until we reach the Summer Solstice. The Spring Equinox always takes place around March 20 or 21. At this point in time, the Sun crosses the celestial equator and moves north.
Throughout the history of mankind, cultures, religions and spiritual traditions have stood in reverence to the Spring Equinox. Often times, these festivals and celebrations were linked to a story or myth about the forces of light triumphing over the powers of darkness. Some examples include the ancient Mayans, who gathered to celebrate the dance of light and shadow upon their pyramids at this time, as well as the Pagan religions in the Mediterranean region that honored the goddess Cybele and the arrival of a fertility goddess who had been conceived through a virgin birth.
In more modern times, other holidays include Easter (which always takes place the first Sunday after the first Full Moon after the Spring Equinox), as well as Passover, Nowruz (also known as the Persian New Year), Holi and Ostara. Neopagans also celebrate with fertility rituals at this time, too. No matter your tradition or spiritual practices, this is an excellent time to celebrate joy and rebirth.
As the Earth is coming alive again, we can focus on renewal and awakening. As the dark months pass behind us, we can expand, grow and focus on the warmth and light in our lives. This is an excellent period to also focus on moderation and balance, with the day and night in total alignment. As we are stepping further into the light, this is also a time of clarity after confusion, reflection and stillness. Welcome in enlightenment, inspiration and new beginnings.
When it comes to astrology, the Spring Equinox always marks the beginning of Aries season—and the official arrival of a new zodiac year. While our conventional and modern calendars start a year on January 1, the true zodiac year arrives when the Sun enters Aries. As the first sign and a Fire sign, this energy encourages us to embark on new journeys and initiate a fresh chapter of our lives.
This passionate vibration inspires us to take chances, follow our hearts and strike out as a leader. Setting intentions and planting new seeds through action can help us manifest our ultimate goals. It’s time to envision what you’d like to build in the coming year and start to make it happen!
This year, the Spring Equinox arrives on March 20, 2022 at 11:33 A. M. EST. Vision board what you’d like to create. Start to take action. Plant a seed of hope.
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