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Bring on rebirth and new beginnings in April!
Prepare for a pivotal month in 2022 to arrive, as many monumental factors will shift our lives forever. The pace of life will be moving at a brisk pace with all of the planets racing forward in the sky. This will be the last month of the year free of retrograde energy, so it’s crucial to launch new projects, take advantage of the good energy and seize the day!
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Bring on the love! April 2022 puts a special spotlight on relationships, both personally and professionally. This is because the sun and new moon will be in Aries at the onset of the month — the zodiac sign of the ego, independence and stepping into one’s individuality and power. We’ll feel fired up to follow our innermost desires and passions, likely putting ourselves first. However, April’s full moon will fall in the zodiac sign of Libra, which rules union, marriage and partnerships.
This yin-yang energy will be important to navigate as we balance “me” versus “we” vibes. Venus, the planet of love, and Mars, the planet of passion, will take a deep dive into Pisces this month, bringing a greater focus on romance, sensuality and soulmate connections. Spiritual vibes will echo throughout the cosmos, giving you a chance to grow closer with a soulmate at your side already or find someone new. Put yourself out there!
Whoa! Get ready for a whole new creative and spiritual awakening! Jupiter, the planet of expansion, and Neptune, the planet of spirituality, will unite in a conjunction in Pisces on April 12, 2022. This has not happened since 1856! This is major! We will begin a new Renaissance around film, art, poetry, television, music and Hollywood now and in the years to come. New spiritual movements and leaders, especially in the New Age realm, will rise to power. Self-help, self-empowerment and the exploration of the subconscious will become even more popular. Jupiter and Neptune will not unite again until March 23, 2035! Use the time in April to unlock new creative or psychic gifts, embrace your mystical side and make connecting with soulmates a top priority.
Destiny is calling your name! Eclipse season happens a couple times every year when our lives shift in profound and intense ways. Each day that we walk through April, you’ll notice a heightened level of synchronicity and intensity — as if a storm is approaching. Chance meetings, fated events and profound beginnings and endings could all start to occur in April, especially the closer that we get to the solar eclipse in Taurus on April 30, 2022. Pay attention to what the universe is telling you as you are about to begin a new chapter in your story.
It’s time to start fresh! Aries season is the first season of the zodiac year. This means that we will feel a burst of energy to venture into new territory, chase new horizons and begin new journeys. Now is an excellent time to map out what you’d like to tackle this year personally and professionally and use your passion and skills to make it happen!

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You may feel as though you’re spinning your wheels for the majority of the month, but hang in there.  Trust in the unseen forces.  You might not feel it now, but you are making progress towards your goals.  Your energy will brighten after the 18th and you will start to see small signs of progress and achievement. In the meantime, stay productive and patient, particularly after the 25th. Slow and steady wins the race!
For April, the Animal Spirit deck brings us the card of the Octopus for relationships. This is a spirit of water, which speaks of an incredible emotional perception that we will all share over the month ahead. This animal card holds incredible intelligence, but struggles a bit with the concept of limitations. So, in April, knowing where we end and where others begin is crucial to keep things playful and fun. When interacting with one another, we mustn’t allow our need for attention or connection cloud of judgment. The Octopus is also careful when choosing who to relate to and who to invest energy on. It reminds us to spend more time with those who respect our boundaries and who lift our spirit!
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