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Spiritual awakening is an amazing thing. It brings you face to face with the basis of your existence and the purpose of your life. It nourishes your soul, strengthens your senses, and gives you a whole new perspective on life. Food also plays an important role in your spiritual journey. It can support your changing vibrations and make your body happy from the inside.
Coconut oil is an essential healthy fat that helps to develop your intuition, support brain health, and ensure the proper functioning of the nervous system. Having food cooked in coconut oil can help you stay relaxed, calm, and balanced as you pursue your spiritual journey. It will also help to expand your intuitive connection with Mother Nature as these fats are quite stabilizing.
Beetroots are a great vegetable to include in your spiritual diet. These superfoods improve your health by getting rid of toxic metal substances from the body and cleansing the pineal gland. Beetroot balances your root chakra that is responsible for keeping you centered, focused and supports your overall foundation. It helps to strengthen you emotionally and spiritually when you are around negative energies.
Fresh herbs or herbal teas are extremely effective in enhancing your spiritual connection as they have a powerful vibration within themselves. They help you to stay balanced and concentrate better during meditation. Herbs like rosemary, mint, lavender, and calendula can support ascension and promote your psychic powers. They also open up your different chakras and help you to reach moments of higher consciousness.
Fruits and vegetables are high in vitamins, minerals, and fiber, making them extremely important for your physical and spiritual health. Consuming fruits and vegetables daily keeps chronic diseases at bay and takes care of your nervous and digestive systems. However, try consuming raw leafy vegetables to connect to the earth and stay calm and grounded. Also, only eat seasonal fruits for maximum benefits.
Last but not the least, water is extremely important to keep your body hydrated, energized, and nourished from the inside. Drinking water helps to clear the harmful toxins from the body and flushes out negative emotions and energies. You also start letting go of the past. Water also aids in the flow of energy and keeps you motivated and active throughout your spiritual journey.
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