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Understanding how life survives in extreme Earth environments could point to ways life can survive on other worlds. Astrobiologist Morgan Cable talks to host Emily Kwong about how her missions here on Earth have guided two upcoming NASA missions in search for alien life, not in a far off galaxy, but here in our solar system. The Titan Dragonfly and the Europa Clipper missions will each explore an ocean world in our solar system, where scientists believe we could find life—life that may be unlike anything we’ve seen before. Today on Short Wave, life as we know it – and life as we don’t know it.

Learn more about the search for life in our solar system in the new planetarium show Living Worlds, now at the California Academy of Sciences:

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Artist’s impression of Dragonfly on Titan’s surface. NASA/Johns Hopkins APL hide caption
Artist’s impression of Dragonfly on Titan’s surface.
This episode was produced by Berly McCoy and Margaret Cirino, edited by Gisele Grayson and fact-checked by Margaret Cirino. The audio engineer was Josh Newell.
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