Singer Carlene Davis delivers 'the Word' amid spiritual warfare – Jamaica Gleaner

Singer and songwriter Carlene Davis has been on a mission of purpose as she aims “to be as relevant as possible” because “good must overcome evil”. She has been delivering “the Word” on platforms and pulpits in Kingston.
“Realising that we are in unprecedented times with things getting crazy, people are hurting, crimes of all kind are emerging, we have to combat this phenomena with the Word of God, the Bible, the truth. People benefit and lives are changed when they know we care and when they understand the spiritual warfare that we are facing,” she shared.
On Sunday, October 10, Davis and her husband, Tommy Cowan, ministered in Word and song at Covenant City Church in Kingston. The topic was the ‘Journey Through the Shadow’, focusing on the 23rd Psalm. The following Sunday, they ministered at Go For God, Kingston, with Pastor Christopher Morgan, where Davis spoke on the topic, ‘The Assignment Remains’. Her song choices were Jehovah Is Your Name, Cover Me and The Assignment from her album of the same name.
Altar calls and prayer request for healing werecomplemented by online broadcast, including on YouTube.
The Cowans believe that the Church has to be more relevant during this period and beyond. “In a time of crisis are we going to give up all hope, or will we trust God to bring us through? People have lost jobs, they are lonely, marriages are under attack, mental health issues are on the rise, the issues of domestic violence is soaring. We need to say more than just ‘let us pray for you and read a Scripture, we need to reach out as the ‘Body of Christ’. When folks on the road say to me, ‘Can you pray for me,’ I’ve learned to do it right there and then,” Davis elaborated.
Cowan noted that the Church should be seen as an essential service in this time. “We need to ask ourselves the question: ‘What would Jesus do?’ Motivated by unconditional love, the Church will have to reorganise and mobilise groups to reach out to people in communities. There’s a looming food shortage. Get involved in the move to solve the food insecurity. When you need to get some food and you can’t, ‘your brother becomes your enemy’.”
He added, “Christmas is around the corner. It is the 40th year of Santa Clause, Do You Ever Come To The Ghetto [song written by Cowan and sung by Davis] and we are still asking the question now more than ever.”
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