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ANI | Updated: Aug 31, 2022 15:46 IST
New Delhi [India], August 31 (ANI/PNN): In the modern times, the “Laws of Attraction” or “The Secret” is gaining a lot of popularity as many have claimed that it can bring an end to the problems of life and help people in living a successful and happy life.
ShreansDaga Foundation has designed a 28-day live online mega master course which has been titled as Manifestation Decoded and it aims to make people learn the practical applicability of the laws of attraction in their lives with each principle being explained using science.
The course is being offered in Hindi and English languages free of cost and it will cover important topics such as epigenetic, transcendental breath work, food-mind connection, brain waves, effects of sound and music, how thoughts become things, science of creative visualization, goal setting, self talk, anatomy of the ego and many more themes which are at the crossroads of science and spirituality.
The main goal of this course is to aid people in:
Making them learn how to access subconscious mind and how to reprogram it
Learning simple but powerful techniques of manifestation – the quantum way
Enhancing their immune system and increasing their energy levels
Getting rid of lifetime suppressed trauma, fears, anxiety, phobias and pain of suffering
Achieving success in personal & professional life with meditation

Improving their relations not just with others but with themselves as well
Dissolving their egos & developing connection with collective consciousness of all living things
Getting inspired & finding joy, solutions and healing themselves
ShreansDaga was inspired to design this course as his life changed for better because of laws of attraction and now he wants everyone else to get benefitted from them. It all started when ShreansDaga healed himself from tuberculosis with the help of meditation at the age of 22 yrs.
He joined his family business the next year and at that time, the factory was non-operational, it had huge debts and the confidence level of employees in the company was very low. ShreansDaga applied the teachings of laws of attraction in his professional life as well and turned around his business into a profit making unit which has grown 2500 times in the last two decades.
ShreansDaga learned how to work smart and he also became an expert in the art of manifesting, he realized that it can be used by anyone in regard to every matter if it is used properly.
ShreansDaga Foundation came into existence because ShreansDaga is quite passionate for making the teaching available for common people as he feels that everyone deserves to live a happy, healthy and successful life and these teachings should not remain just with the rich.
The main reason behind the foundation not charging any fee for the course is the fact that Shreans and his brother Varun along with Kaushik Daga and Rushebh Sheth wish to act as a catalyst in the spiritual awakening and success of people all across the globe.
Reviews of the course have been quite encouraging and positive as people are looking forward to join it again for the purpose of revising it. Not just this, they are talking and sharing their views about it with their friends and relatives as well. While the sessions are live streamed on YouTube, the interactive part of sessions is only available for candidates who are registered on Zoom. Here is the link to register: https://events.shreansdaga.org/
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