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In the next decade, NASA is counting on private space stations to replace the International Space Station. One of those in development (with $160 in early-stage NASA funding so far) is called Starlab, a partnership between Lockheed Martin, Nanoracks, Voyager Space, and, now, Hilton hotels. Hilton has been named as designers of the astronaut living areas aboard the orbiting space station.
“Hilton will bring the company’s renowned hospitality expertise and experience to support the design and development of crew suites aboard Starlab, helping to reimagine the human experience in space, making extended stays more comfortable,” according to a joint press release:
The research and design work being dedicated to Starlab could also lead to advancements driving sustainability and greater design efficiencies for future hotel owners in space and on Earth.
Voyager and Hilton will partner in the areas of architecture and design, leveraging Hilton’s word-class creative design and innovation experts, to develop Space Hospitality crew headquarters aboard Starlab, including communal areas, hospitality suites, and sleeping arrangements for the astronauts. Additionally, the teams will seek to explore opportunities together for longer-term efforts including the ground-to-space astronaut experience, global co-marketing and branding, and other tourism, educational, and commercial efforts.
I can’t wait for Motel 6 to get into the space hotel game!
(via Space.com)
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