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The whole history of God’s dealing with mankind shows that a nation or a person may go on being wicked, multiplying in all sorts of evil and bloodletting or being tyrannical, a day shall come when God’s judgment will fall upon everyone.
Judgment Day is God’s weighing day. It is a day when God will put everyone including the kings, emperors, president of nations and all the monarchs of earth on His Judgment Scale. God put Belshazzar, the king of Babylon on His Judgment Scales.
Belshazzar was a ruler who should be on guard because of God’s dealings with his father, but he was far from being alarmed that he was having a party where he, his officials and other women were singing, dancing and engaging in all manners of practices such as drunkenness, debauchery and unrestrained idolatry.
While feasting, Belshazzar exalted himself against the Most High God by drinking from the Jerusalem temple vessels and praising the idols of metal, rock and wood. He ignored the lesson of humility learned by his father, the former king Nebuchadnezzar. He insulted God rather than reverence Him, and so God sent a message by carving words on the wall of the king’s palace. That writing on the wall was God’s judgement on Belshazzar. The interpretation of the writing on the wall is that Belshazzar has been weighed on God’s Balance and found him wanting.
Someday, everyone of us is going to leave this world and face God’s judgment. King Belshazzar was put on God’s Balances and it was his last day on earth. When placed on God’s balances, every detail of our character will come up and then examined. God has His own scale where He weighs everyone. He weighs actions, intentions, thoughts, words, relationships; everything about man. For anyone that has refused to give his life to Jesus Christ will weigh absolutely nothing on God’s scale. This is the truth and I tell you this truth out of the love of God in my heart.
You may be a king, president or monarch, know it that your spiritual weight matters to God. Belshazzar was the king over Babylon Empire and he weighed nothing spiritually. You may weigh tremendous power, authority and influence, but weigh nothing spiritually. The only way to start weighing spiritually is to come over to Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the way; He is the truth; He is the life! Jesus Christ is the Name; Jesus Christ is the Saviour and our way out of sin. Jesus is the only way to salvation (Acts 4:12). Don’t get it wrong, come over to the Jesus’ side today, that is the only way forward, that is the only way out, that is the only meaningful way and you can have spiritual weight before God because Jesus will make it possible.
When the queen mother saw that the king was disturbed about the writing on the wall, she told her son (the king) to call for Daniel, and he will tell him what the writing means. Daniel came before the king and interpreted the handwriting on the wall. Why call Daniel? It is because Daniel has gained some spiritual weight. Daniel has built spiritual capacity and also developed his spiritual life. The more you grow in fellowship with God, the more your spiritual weight increases. When you give your life to Jesus, you have started weighing spiritually already on God’s scale.
• Today’s nugget: We are weighed in God’s balances. Prayer: Lord help me increase in my relationship with you. Prayer lines: 08054477940. E-mail: servantofgod111@yahoo.com. Rev. Pastor Ejikeme Ejim, General Superintendent, Assemblies of God Nigeria.

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