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PRATT, Kan. (KWCH) – Pratt, Kansas has a connection to NASA’s latest mission to the moon. Last week, NASA launched Artemis 1 into space, guided by a team that includes Tobin Melroy, a flight planner who graduated from Pratt High School in 1995.
Artemis 1′s highly-anticipated launch to the moon happened last Wednesday, Nov. 16. The historical launch brings pride to the Pratt community with Melroy serving as the Flight Activities Officer for the Artemis 1 program, writing flight plans for the mission. Tuesday, Melroy’s parents said working for NASA was a lifelong dream for Tobin.
His mother, Jane Melroy, said Tobin was in third grade in January 1986 when the Challenger crash happened on live TV. That tragic moment, she said, was part of the beginning of his interest in NASA.
“Once we moved to Kansas, he went to the Cosmosphere and wen through space camp,” she said.
Artemis 1 is successfully on its moon-orbit mission, but there were bumps along the way with many launch attempts being postponed.
Tobin Melroy’s father, Dennis Melroy, said his son believes the mission is going strong.
“It’s absolutely going perfectly. He told us [Monday], it’s unbelievable how good it’s going,” Dennis Melroy said.
Last month, Tobin Melroy was inducted into Pratt High School’s hall of fame for his role in the Artemis 1 launch.
“When you have someone like Tobin, who is a flight plan director for Artemis, clearly this is a young man who has excelled,” Melroy’s high school English teacher, Suzan Patton said. “Perseverance and resilience and just, dedication. You can do this, and Tobin is an example of someone who worked very hard.”
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